Saturday, November 18, 2017

This should be interesting.

Important question for everyone: what happens when Lilith's best meets slendy's best? Well safe to say that I've found out first hand. For the first time in awhile, a fight I'm in is actually making me break a sweat, and I have to say that im really enjoying the sudden challenge.
I guess I should really back up and explain shouldn't I?

Well my tiny new friend Abigail managed to really piss off some serious people. You see she's been in this life for about two years now, ever since the slenderman started showing up outside her bedroom window at night. Now she's not a stupid girl, and realized that she was in deep and also realized that the safest choice for her would be to join him. She made her way into a small proxy team for protection and because of her perceived fragility was assigned smaller tasks that mostly kept her out of troubles path.

Now as most stories typically go, the fragile peace she lived in didn't last long. A higher up noticed and took a liking to her. A few people didn't like her new attention and better treatment, but couldn't really touch her because of him. Doing so would probably end in their death.
Eventually the people who didn't like her conspired with someone else who was quite powerful. The "seeker" as she calls him, was murdered and dismembered, with the blame landing on her. Of course she didn't do it, I mean how could she possibly manage that? But the murder of someone like that is a big problem for a person like her, and now she has some very pissed off and very powerful people after her.

So for now im in charge of protecting her, and I really have my work cut out for me.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pleasantly surprised.

A young woman claiming to be a runner caught my attention. She said that she needed help, and seeing as I had nothing better to do at that point, I decided to go investigate the area and possibly find her. Though to be completely honest I wasn't exactly expecting much there. I thought I would find her dead or it was a trap of some sort.
I was not very close to the area in question, so would either have to go through the garden, take the long trip there like a 'normal' person, or use the path. Now I know what you're thinking: wow C you can use the path, when did this happen? And the answer is, that I always could, I just don't care much for the denizens.

Well for obvious reasons I can't use the garden unless I want to get fucked up, and if I travel by foot or bus or whatever else, then if she actually is a runner in trouble then I'm practically ensuring her untimely demise. So the path it was, as much as I despise its very existence. Luckily the creepy fucks there mostly left me alone. I get the feeling that I don't taste so good to them anyway.

So to my surprise, when I got there, there actually was a girl waiting for me. She looked disheveled, and tired but aside from a few minor wounds I'm happy to announce that she's alright. No traps and no trouble are always a welcome surprise to me.

Once we got to a safe location she profusely thanked me for my help. "You're probably interested in why I required your assistance Huh?" she said very quietly, avoiding eye contact with me. I nodded and told her that yeah I was a little curious. She was interesting to me I'll admit. She was so small, and soft spoken. She's about as tall as me but just tiny anyway, almost frail in a way. I really wondered about her story and how long she's been in this life. I figured she had to be fairly new to it, because she just seems so helpless. How could anyone like this survive long alone?

I decided to let her rest and relax a bit, and told her that we could talk things over in the morning. I'll update tomorrow after we have our talk. The both of us are now comfortably residing in a motel so I can take care of her wounds and plan our next steps.

Friday, October 20, 2017

My search continues.

So far all my connections have been dead ends. Seems to me that a few months is plenty of time for someone to drop off the face of the earth.
Surprisingly enough, my first real conversation since leaving the garden was one that found me. It's at least slightly encouraging that Carter is still with us... Or more like just me at this point.
Although, I really shouldn't be surprised as he is just like me in the immortal department. A brother of sorts.

I would attempt to find him, but I know it would be a damn near impossible task. If he truly does not want to be found, then he won't be. But rest assured that if he wants to meet up at any point, I won't be too hard to hunt down.

As always I shall update if anything of note happens.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What now?

OK, so I've done some searching and it seems I might have been wrong about everyone being gone. There are fairly recent updates from a few familiar names. That is if you call a few months ago recent. With having been tormented for so long in a seemingly timeless hell, a few months seems like nothing to me.

At this point, my hope is to reconnect with some people and help as I can. After all what else is there to do? I can't exactly live a normal life, after everything I've been through.

Hopefully, any of them will trust me at all with my extended absence and unsavory reputation.

I've returned

It feels like I've been gone an eternity. I know to everyone here, it has only been a handful of years since I went away to help med and the others recover that damn sword. When I never came back, everyone was probably worried sick for me and assumed the worst.
In truth, I never even made it to them before I was captured by Lilith and her band of unholy bitches. They took me back to her realm and broke me. Such quick regeneration on my part made for easy torture on their side I suppose.
I was forced to do awful, unspeakable things in her name. All this in the pursuit of some fucking "game" as she called it. All of which I still don't know the end goal of. And to be honest I'm not sure I really want to.
Of course I decided to bid my time and eventually make my escape from her in the end. But it seems to me like im too late now. Everyone that mattered, everyone I knew are now gone. There wasn't a single thing I could do about it.
I wonder though, how long did they actually wait for me? How long did they keep the hope that I eventually would come to help? But seeing as there isn't any updates or mention of the success of their mission, I guess I will never actually know. The most I can assume is that it was a failure and they all died.
I'm so sorry everyone...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

B and I were headed to New Zealand, to meet up with some people. I'm not gonna even bother saying names, since anyone with a functioning brain probably knows who anyway. We had not a lot of problems up to that point, even though it meant that problems would eventually come back with twice as much force. Something I've come to realize is that quiet isnt always that great of a thing, when you have powerful enemies planning your demise behind your back.

We were just resting  in a safe house, one of his contacts had told him about. They are usually cramped little places with no windows, and way too much dust. This one was by no stretch of the mind a exception to this norm. It was cold, dark, and not too comfy for us. The room we were in only had 2 chairs, and a small bed in the corner. I was sitting in one corner, on the floor drawing cats in my sketch book, and he was sitting in a chair looking over at me with a gloomy look on his face. Considering he was usually pretty upbeat, this was very weird, but even so it took me awhile to realize something was up with him. 

"Ok whats up kiddo,why you staring? You know if you take a picture it will last longer?"  I looked up from my drawing, and tilted my head a bit at him. We both just sat there for a good 10 minutes staring at each other, not saying a single word. I figured if he was going to give me the silent act, then I would play along until he cracked like a egg for me. Safe to say my tactics worked, because he finally sighed and looked away from me for a second.

"I've been thinking." I just nodded slightly at him, with a smile. " Ah, yes. Well good to know you have a brain in that head then." Not a smile, or smirk, or even the usually chuckle from him. At this point I was really starting to worry a bit about him. Thinking perhaps he was offended by my sarcasm. But then again he already was frowning before I said anything to him, so I figured maybe something was really wrong.

"Do you really think I should be going with you to do this thing? Wont I just get in the way or something?" His comment really surprised me. Not once did I ever think bringing him along was a bad idea. I figured he would be able to help one way or another. He could defend himself just fine, and had a good head on his shoulders. It was strange to me, that he would doubt for even a second of his worth to this mission.

" No way, B. I would never just leave you behind. What kind of jerk leaves their companion behind." Then it really hit me. There was something else here. Something he was holding back from me. I could just tell from the looking he was giving me. " But, what's really going on here? What are you really wanting to know?"

The change in his faces when i said those words, left no doubt in my mind that there was something else wrong that he wasnt saying. "How do you....?" "Know? So there is something isnt there?" He got up and started to walk to the door. I thought he was going to leave the room, and avoid my question, but he just shut it, and sat back down.

"I'm going to have to leave soon, and  let you continue alone, C." I sat there and stared at him in disbelief. "What. The. Hell. Why the hell would you do that? Your just going to abandon me now? You might as well have left without telling me, because I'm not going to let you go." I was beyond angry, and right on the verge of screaming at him. The only thing keep me from it, was the knowledge that yelling would just make things worse.

"I think we have gotten too close. I first sought you out to make sure you were still alive, and taken care of, because of your mothers wishes. We were never suppose to get this close at all. Now don't think I'm just leaving you without anything at all. I'm going to give you some money, and a few contacts so you have places to stay on your way to New Zealand. But as far as me going with you... It isnt happening." I stood and paced around the room a bit in anger, trying to decide what i should do.

"So what? Your just going to leave like that? There is nothing wrong with getting close. Don't go because you don't want to make me unconfortable. Because I'm not." "Wait no. I get it now. You played me for a fool. You never cared in the first place, but some sick thrill from helping the damsel in distress. Is that it?!" Regardless on what I said about not getting angry, and yelling...I got angry and was yelling. He looked just as angry as I felt, when I said that to him.

"That's not fucking it, and you know it."

"Then what the fuck is it asshole?"


I went out later to find he was already gone. The guy that ran the place gave me large a envelope, and said B had left it for me. It had a list of numbers/ names, and enough money to last me awhile. I can't believe he thought the only way to save me was to leave. I can't believe hes gone. Worst of all I can't believe I let him go.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I don't need a month to decide my fate. I have already decided to decline Lilith's offer. I have no desire to be her servant, and I don't see how she can do anything about it. B is now in a safe place where no one can harm him, so I can move on to my next goal without worrying about him.

What is my next goal? That is what some of you are probably wondering now. Well some things I have heard about have greatly angered me, and I hope to make it right. Concerning a dirty servant in possession of something that is none of his concern. With their permission I hope to assist Med, and Carter in obtaining the sword.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's alright everyone. I'm alright. Yes Lilith took me away, but no I was not harmed, nor was I punished in any way for the things I have done against her. If anything my visit to the garden was... enlightening. Lilith says i'm special, says i'm different, says i'm her favorite.

You see I was part of a special experiment from birth. I was one of over 100 babies that were injected with all sorts of nasty things, mostly taken from other Fears. Lilith had this done in order to create a special servant to aid her in her mission. Of those hundred children, I was the only functioning survivor. By this I mean that there were a few other than me that live through it all, but they were all deformed, and mentally unstable.

She made sierra raise me, because she was one of the best female servants she had. I was trained well, and treated well, but no one ever let on that I was different in any way, and Sierra was forbidden to treat me like I was any different from any other of the children in the garden.

But now I know the truth. I'm much faster, and stronger, and smarter than the others. I also never age like the others. I have the ability to hide myself from people, and Fears, which is why Sierra could never find me when I left. And now Lilith wants me to help her get rid of the siblings that she hates. She promises that B and I can go live with surviving members of my mom's family when I am done helping her, and that we will never be bothered by any Fear again if we so please. 

I have a month from today in normal time to make my decision.     

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is why we cant have nice things.

Shes gone. Just gone. Actually more like stolen away. Lilith came for her last night, and i couldnt do anything about it. she grabbed her arm and was just gone like that. I hate to think what terrible things she is now going through there, and i can only hope she finds her way back to me somehow. For now I will sit and wait for her. And if she never returns then i will die here alone with only thoughts of her to keep me sane.