Thursday, May 31, 2018


We found the place we were looking for. Yes, the place is still in use.
And yes they allowed us entry after a bit of negotiating on Abby's part.
I'd have to say, it went way better than I was thinking though so that's pretty good.

I made Abigail stay in the car while I went to check out the spot.
She's not exactly immortal, so I wanted to keep her out of harms way.
When I found the entrance, they definitely remembered me, and not for good reasons.
So I sorta lost my right knee cap to their rifle's bullets, which made it obvious to me that they didn't want to kill me.
They definitely would have taken me out if they wanted.
I'm just lucky I got off with just that.

They took me down and held a gun to my head as they questioned why I was there and how I had found them again.
In my typical fashion I let them know that I'm not know as Lilith's best for no damn reason.
I have my ways of finding whoever I want.

This answer was not well received because I then lost the other knee.
Other than cursing them out a little, I just stayed put.
I was hoping my lack of action would reflect that I had no murderous intents toward them.

It was about that time that Abby came trotting up despite my instructions to stay put.
I'm guessing that she decided against listening to me when she heard the second gunshot.
As she came around the corner she saw me down and immediately put her hands up. She slowly approached us while quickly telling them that she'd like her knee caps to stay intact if they didn't mind.

She got guns pointed at her as well, but if we're being honest here she's way better with words than I am. That being said she didn't have much trouble convincing them to lower their weapons.
Abby answered all their questions, and after a bit, content that we weren't trying to kill them, they allowed us entry.

I'm in the infirmary as I type this. Got patched up as well as can be expected, and im currently waiting for my body to heal itself up.
Although I don't think they quite trust me yet, as I can see an armed guard outside of the room.

Now that I've gotten Abby somewhere safe, I don't know how long I'll actually stay around.
My task is complete. I'll have to move on again soon, as it might not be safe for her if I stay too long. It's already going to be pretty hard for me, because I've gotten myself attached. I hope she can forgive me for leaving.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Good job Abby.

Turns out that Abby knows how to hot wire  cars.  Real curious where she learned that fun little trick.  I Guess its pretty handy to have her around if you need easy transportation.
We ended up stealing a nice inconspicuous little mini van to get us to California a bit faster.  It was a decidedly better idea than just walking I suppose. Had a fun little road trip though.  Starting to feel a bit like a mother over here, because despite how I may look, I'm a quite a bit older than Abby.

Haven't found the sanctuary yet. I only know the basic area its in. Going to take more searching to find its exact location.
For now we're just going to lay low until we find the place. Wouldn't want to show any unwanted visitors its location if its not already dead over there.
That would not help my chances of them not trying to kill us. We're still hoping they will trust me at all after the last time I was with them.

So for obvious reasons I can't tell any of you details about our location outside of just the state. And keep in mind this place is huge. So, sorry to the people hoping I'd give it up so easy. Guess you have to actually put some work in to find us after all.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Obligatory update?

Well everyone I'm still here and still alive. Feels like it's been forever since I've made a post.
I guess I'll just cut to the chase and make this short since I have some traveling to do soon with Abigail.

Only took me about a week to track the seekers down, seeing as they've gotten incredibly sloppy as of late and don't seem too interested in covering their tracks.

To be completely honest I'm surprised that they've even survived this long when the rest of their kind is long dead.

Now I know that their numbers have seriously dwindled in the last couple years but what I found was surprising none the less. It was a small group of about 3 seekers and a handful of normal proxies. They were holed up in an old abandoned church a few miles away from where me and Abby had been staying.

What followed was not at all the long and dangerous fight I was anticipating. Yes they were backed into a bit of a corner but I still expected there to be more of a fight.

They only took two of my fingers and left me with a few bruises/cuts. Not much fun at all if you ask me. Especially considering what went down with the rest of their kind when they tried to kill me before. Which I guess I never really elaborated on.

 Just for everyone's knowledge, I lost an eye, an arm, and couldn't actually eat for a bit on account of being impaled in the stomach so many times. The fuckers almost did enough damage to temporarily kill me last time. Which I gotta say is impressive, because I've only had a handful of other people get me to that point.

So as you can probably tell, It's almost as if they had just given up this time around. If I didn't know any better I would almost think it's a little bit suspicious.

Anyway... The seeker infestation has been taken care of, and it's time for us to move on. I've heard that there is a small runner sanctuary of sorts run by a few old 'friends' of mine that's still in business down in California.
 Considering the fact that the last time I saw them I was working for Lilith again and tried setting them on fire... I just hope they don't shoot me on site. So fingers crossed on that one.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Golden child turned red.

Safe to say that me killing one of the faceless fuck's golden children ruffled a few feathers.
 Does he actually care about his abominations (I know, I know. This is the pot calling the kettle black considering I'm an unholy child experiment myself) or is it an irritation at losing a powerful asset?

After what I did with my last encounter,my death seems to be a top priority to some people.
A couple seekers along with half a dozen grunt proxies showed up at my doorstep today.
 I have to say im a little bit flattered at the attempt. Although the attempt was in vain. I mean, do they even realize I'm immortal yet?
Normal weapons are about as effective as a wooden toothpick to mine diamonds.

In the midst of the fight, I spotted ole faceless in the distance watching the spectacle.
Hard to tell when you have no face, but I'm almost certain he was angry at their defeat.
It puzzles me as to why he didn't just handle me himself as it was important enough for him to even be there.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

This should be interesting.

Important question for everyone: what happens when Lilith's best meets slendy's best? Well safe to say that I've found out first hand. For the first time in awhile, a fight I'm in is actually making me break a sweat, and I have to say that im really enjoying the sudden challenge.
I guess I should really back up and explain shouldn't I?

Well my tiny new friend Abigail managed to really piss off some serious people. You see she's been in this life for about two years now, ever since the slenderman started showing up outside her bedroom window at night. Now she's not a stupid girl, and realized that she was in deep and also realized that the safest choice for her would be to join him. She made her way into a small proxy team for protection and because of her perceived fragility was assigned smaller tasks that mostly kept her out of troubles path.

Now as most stories typically go, the fragile peace she lived in didn't last long. A higher up noticed and took a liking to her. A few people didn't like her new attention and better treatment, but couldn't really touch her because of him. Doing so would probably end in their death.
Eventually the people who didn't like her conspired with someone else who was quite powerful. The "seeker" as she calls him, was murdered and dismembered, with the blame landing on her. Of course she didn't do it, I mean how could she possibly manage that? But the murder of someone like that is a big problem for a person like her, and now she has some very pissed off and very powerful people after her.

So for now im in charge of protecting her, and I really have my work cut out for me.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pleasantly surprised.

A young woman claiming to be a runner caught my attention. She said that she needed help, and seeing as I had nothing better to do at that point, I decided to go investigate the area and possibly find her. Though to be completely honest I wasn't exactly expecting much there. I thought I would find her dead or it was a trap of some sort.
I was not very close to the area in question, so would either have to go through the garden, take the long trip there like a 'normal' person, or use the path. Now I know what you're thinking: wow C you can use the path, when did this happen? And the answer is, that I always could, I just don't care much for the denizens.

Well for obvious reasons I can't use the garden unless I want to get fucked up, and if I travel by foot or bus or whatever else, then if she actually is a runner in trouble then I'm practically ensuring her untimely demise. So the path it was, as much as I despise its very existence. Luckily the creepy fucks there mostly left me alone. I get the feeling that I don't taste so good to them anyway.

So to my surprise, when I got there, there actually was a girl waiting for me. She looked disheveled, and tired but aside from a few minor wounds I'm happy to announce that she's alright. No traps and no trouble are always a welcome surprise to me.

Once we got to a safe location she profusely thanked me for my help. "You're probably interested in why I required your assistance Huh?" she said very quietly, avoiding eye contact with me. I nodded and told her that yeah I was a little curious. She was interesting to me I'll admit. She was so small, and soft spoken. She's about as tall as me but just tiny anyway, almost frail in a way. I really wondered about her story and how long she's been in this life. I figured she had to be fairly new to it, because she just seems so helpless. How could anyone like this survive long alone?

I decided to let her rest and relax a bit, and told her that we could talk things over in the morning. I'll update tomorrow after we have our talk. The both of us are now comfortably residing in a motel so I can take care of her wounds and plan our next steps.

Friday, October 20, 2017

My search continues.

So far all my connections have been dead ends. Seems to me that a few months is plenty of time for someone to drop off the face of the earth.
Surprisingly enough, my first real conversation since leaving the garden was one that found me. It's at least slightly encouraging that Carter is still with us... Or more like just me at this point.
Although, I really shouldn't be surprised as he is just like me in the immortal department. A brother of sorts.

I would attempt to find him, but I know it would be a damn near impossible task. If he truly does not want to be found, then he won't be. But rest assured that if he wants to meet up at any point, I won't be too hard to hunt down.

As always I shall update if anything of note happens.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What now?

OK, so I've done some searching and it seems I might have been wrong about everyone being gone. There are fairly recent updates from a few familiar names. That is if you call a few months ago recent. With having been tormented for so long in a seemingly timeless hell, a few months seems like nothing to me.

At this point, my hope is to reconnect with some people and help as I can. After all what else is there to do? I can't exactly live a normal life, after everything I've been through.

Hopefully, any of them will trust me at all with my extended absence and unsavory reputation.

I've returned

It feels like I've been gone an eternity. I know to everyone here, it has only been a handful of years since I went away to help med and the others recover that damn sword. When I never came back, everyone was probably worried sick for me and assumed the worst.
In truth, I never even made it to them before I was captured by Lilith and her band of unholy bitches. They took me back to her realm and broke me. Such quick regeneration on my part made for easy torture on their side I suppose.
I was forced to do awful, unspeakable things in her name. All this in the pursuit of some fucking "game" as she called it. All of which I still don't know the end goal of. And to be honest I'm not sure I really want to.
Of course I decided to bid my time and eventually make my escape from her in the end. But it seems to me like im too late now. Everyone that mattered, everyone I knew are now gone. There wasn't a single thing I could do about it.
I wonder though, how long did they actually wait for me? How long did they keep the hope that I eventually would come to help? But seeing as there isn't any updates or mention of the success of their mission, I guess I will never actually know. The most I can assume is that it was a failure and they all died.
I'm so sorry everyone...